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Women Lace Up Leather Flats Sandal Shoes


SKU: XX00012_B_36

Item Type:Women Flat Sandal
Gender:Women, Lady
Style:Fashion, Sexy

Please measure your heel to toe length and choose accurate size according to the foot measurements.

Women Size Charts
4.5 US Women/34 EU Women/22cm (Foot Length)
5 US Women/35 EU Women/22.5cm (Foot Length)
6 US Women/36 EU Women/23cm (Foot Length)
6.5 US Women/37 EU Women/23.5cm (Foot Length)
7.5 US Women/38 EU Women/24cm (Foot Length)
8.5 US Women/39 EU Women/24.5cm (Foot Length)
9 US Women/40 EU Women/25cm (Foot Length) 
9.5 US Women/41 EU Wimen/25.5cm (Foot Length)
10 US Women/42 EU Women/26cm (Foot Length) 
10.5 US Women/43 EU Women/26.5cm (Foot Length) 
11 US Women/44 EU Women/27cm (Foot Length)
12 US Women/45EU Women/27.5cm (Foot Length)
13 US Women/46 EU Women/28cm (Foot Length) 

Men Size Charts
3.5 US Men/34 EU Men/22cm (Foot Length)
4 US Men/35 EU Men/22.5cm (Foot Length)
4.5 US Men/36 EU Men/23cm (Foot Length)
5.5 US Men/37 EU Men/23.5cm (Foot Length)
6 US Men/38 EU Men/24cm (Foot Length)
7 US Men/39 EU Men/24.5cm (Foot Length)
7.5 US Men/40 EU Men/25cm (Foot Length) 
8.5 US Men/41 EU Wimen/25.5cm (Foot Length)
9 US Men/42 EU Men/26cm (Foot Length) 
10 US Men/43 EU Men/26.5cm (Foot Length) 
10.5 US Men/44 EU Men/27cm (Foot Length)
11 US Men/45 EU Men/27.5cm (Foot Length)
12 US Men/46 EU Men/28cm (Foot Length) 

1:This shoes size is not standard sandals size,it is 1-2 smaller than standard size
2:Our shoes made in China,we will send Chinese size to you
for example,if you choose US size 6 or UK size 4,we will send chinese size 36 to you,it is equal 23cm foot length.
3:The order information shows US size ,Not UK size
4:If your foot width is thicker or wider than nomal,please One size bigger


❤Why my shipping is not updated?


Thanks for your patiently waiting, as it is an international shipping, shipping will take some time to be updated when it is in transit or in the customs checking, also it will take time to get the updated info from the shipping company. We will try our best to update that info for you.


❤Why does the tracking service show that the package has been delivered, but I did not receive anything?


Packages might be delivered to your mail box or signed by your neighbors. We suggest you check in your mail box and with your neighbors first. If you cannot find it, please contact your local post office, remember to bring the tracking number! If you still cannot find your package neither, please do not hesitate to contact Kissvivi Customer Service.


❤If I don't like the products, how do I return it?


We support the service of return&re-send , if you wanna return or exchange the clothes, please kindly contact our service department  to ask a return address.The e-mail address is: kissvivi@chenrei.com


❤Can I have a full refund for the return?


We will offer a full refund of items you have returned, but discount or cash coupon used will not be refund as money. And please note that the customer is responsible for return shipping fee. 

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