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Women Lace Up Leather Flats Sandal Shoes


SKU: XX00012_B_36
Size Guide

Item Type:Women Flat Sandal
Gender:Women, Lady
Style:Fashion, Sexy

Please measure your heel to toe length and choose accurate size according to the foot measurements.

Women Size Charts
4.5 US Women/34 EU Women/22cm (Foot Length)
5 US Women/35 EU Women/22.5cm (Foot Length)
6 US Women/36 EU Women/23cm (Foot Length)
6.5 US Women/37 EU Women/23.5cm (Foot Length)
7.5 US Women/38 EU Women/24cm (Foot Length)
8.5 US Women/39 EU Women/24.5cm (Foot Length)
9 US Women/40 EU Women/25cm (Foot Length) 
9.5 US Women/41 EU Wimen/25.5cm (Foot Length)
10 US Women/42 EU Women/26cm (Foot Length) 
10.5 US Women/43 EU Women/26.5cm (Foot Length) 
11 US Women/44 EU Women/27cm (Foot Length)
12 US Women/45EU Women/27.5cm (Foot Length)
13 US Women/46 EU Women/28cm (Foot Length) 

Men Size Charts
3.5 US Men/34 EU Men/22cm (Foot Length)
4 US Men/35 EU Men/22.5cm (Foot Length)
4.5 US Men/36 EU Men/23cm (Foot Length)
5.5 US Men/37 EU Men/23.5cm (Foot Length)
6 US Men/38 EU Men/24cm (Foot Length)
7 US Men/39 EU Men/24.5cm (Foot Length)
7.5 US Men/40 EU Men/25cm (Foot Length) 
8.5 US Men/41 EU Wimen/25.5cm (Foot Length)
9 US Men/42 EU Men/26cm (Foot Length) 
10 US Men/43 EU Men/26.5cm (Foot Length) 
10.5 US Men/44 EU Men/27cm (Foot Length)
11 US Men/45 EU Men/27.5cm (Foot Length)
12 US Men/46 EU Men/28cm (Foot Length) 

1:This shoes size is not standard sandals size,it is 1-2 smaller than standard size
2:Our shoes made in China,we will send Chinese size to you
for example,if you choose US size 6 or UK size 4,we will send chinese size 36 to you,it is equal 23cm foot length.
3:The order information shows US size ,Not UK size
4:If your foot width is thicker or wider than nomal,please One size bigger

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